I went to Dr. J in February of this year before COVID hit. Dr. J was still willing to see me and administer my iv therapy and was always there for me. She was always a text away. I was able with her help and knowledge to lose weight but most importantly for me to get off stomach and other meds. I feel so much better and I know I can count on her if I need her. – Debbie D.

I started treatment with Dr. Jeanty in Feb 2020, she was recommended by someone who helped them recover from the flu in a short period of time. I had shared concerns about her blood pressure since the birth of our child I never recovered from the preeclampsia which causes chronic hypertension. Since I started with the wellness center my blood pressure has gone from 160/120 to 131/91 in less than 2 months and maintains a lesser number on some days. I have gone from 2 meds to 1., and I believe in the next month or two we will be able to eliminate the 1 pill.. The Dr.’s service is very precise and clear on individual protocol and if followed, you will see results. I recommend her services,it has helped me knowing that the high blood pressure was treatable and has without a doubt changed our life. – L. Lewis

I was greeted by an outstanding, courteous, and welcoming staff and I felt right at home. Dr. Jeanty took her time to explain step by step just what to expect and what she was doing. After receiving treatment, I really started feeling my old self with renewed strength and energy and due to my illness that has been a long time coming. I really look forward to my next treatment knowing that I am only going to get better and feel better. This has been a real boost and a charge that I wish I found in my journey four years ago. All I can say is God bless Dr. Jeanty and her staff. – Bishop Mark T. Williams

Dr. Jeanty is a very experienced and knowledgeable doctor in this field and in what she does, very professional and compassionate person. I came to her about a year ago with chronic back pain, neck pain and migraines and within that year without medication, but through physical therapy, chiropractic care and being educated on eating right, I feel a whole lot better! I highly recommend this place and this doctor! – Kenneth E.

Dr. Jeanty is awesome she knew right away what was wrong with me I would recommend her to anyone. – Michael P.

Dr. Jeanty is amazing. I know you want the results so I lost 30lbs and I keep on losing the lbs. She’s just as committed as you are and she was available for any questions, concerns, even just for motivation at any moment. There was no fad diet involved or gimmicks. What I loved most is she accommodates for what you need. I needed someone to push me and not let me slide when I messed up but I didn’t want someone to make me feel worse about myself when I cheated and she was just that. It was not easy and she lets you know. It took me the second time around to fully and honestly complete the detox and fix my eating habits but it was worth it. She helped me kick my emotional eating, the soda, the juices, all the carbs, etc and now I look back and it was so easy. It’s mostly mental and Dr. Jeanty helps you through that process as well. With her it’s not just do this and you’re out of her office. She is there for you. I’ve done everything and worked with a lot of doctors who just push for surgery and pills but she gets to the root of the weight gain. We even got my thyroid back on track so I’m not tired and exhausted anymore and it made my weight loss go faster. If you’re feeling like you want to give up drop that carton of ice cream and give her a call. YOU WONT REGRET IT! – Jayleen P.