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Can You Relate?

  1. You work hard to provide for your family, sacrifice times, energy and sometimes your health
  2. You have limited dietary options & eating on the fly while on the road
  3. You are tired, sluggish, fatigued, overweight, stressed and have health diseases that could disqualify you.
  4. You develop poor eating habits, and your health is paying for it
  5. You found yourself working extremely long days with a tight schedule
  6. You have to stay alert for up to 14 hours a day exposed to a high-stress environment to make a living
  7. Your risks for chronic health diseases has significantly increased
  8. You take multiple medications but wish you could get off of them
  9. You are afraid that your health complications will disqualify you
  10. There are so many rules and regulations imposed on you and it’s frustrating
If you answer yes to any of the above, we understand and we can help you get over any obstacles, challenges or roadblocks that could prevent you from passing your DOT physical examination and getting your certification to continue driving and putting food on the table for yourself and your family.

Hi, I am Dr. Jennifer JEANTY, as a medical examiner, I have been working with the trucking community since 2017, helping and supporting over 100 drivers to get their recertification, renewing their CDL/CLP quickly and effectively while following the FMCSA regulations. I have many truck drivers in my family and my life; therefore, I understand all the stress, frustrations and sacrifices of time, energy, finances, and health the truck drivers have to endure in their profession and on the road in order to survive. I dedicated part of my career as a medical practitioner to help this population restore their health and operate their commercial motor vehicle safely while on the road without the expense of their health or others.

In our practice, we have a stress- and hassle-free environment, by decreasing the anxiety, the worries and fears our truck drivers experience during the DOT examination to make certain that they meet all the requirements and qualifications to obtain their certification for the CDL with no abnormal results.

We listen to the concerns of our drivers and meet them where they are and work with them, with any health challenges to help them regain their health and drive safely on the road.
Our practice is one of a kind, truly focusing on the drivers as an individual, helping them decrease any health risks, complications, medications or tackle any chronic health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, sleep Apnea or digestive issues that can impose problems and decrease their safety while driving their trucks. We help them lose weight, decrease medications, and eliminate health challenges.

If you are looking for an office that:

  • Understand you and see you as a human being.
  • Will Work with you to pass your DOT physical examination for certification to renew your CDL with no stress
  • Will help you get back to health and feel better
  • Will help you reduce your medications usage
  • Will help eliminate some of your symptoms, such as fatigue
  • Will help you lose weight and keep it off
  • Will help reduce your health conditions such as diabetes, Hypertension, Stomach issues
    Help promote overall vitality and more focus to function at your best
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