Brain Tumor

This type of tumor can include glioblastoma, neuroblastomas, and astrocytomas, just to name a few. Some of the natural therapies that have been studied for these types of cancer include a ketogenic diet, bee pollen extracts, and curcumin. If you are being treated with radiation or surgery, healthy fats can be vital to reducing inflammation and improving healing.

Breast Cancer

Did you know that there are five different types of breast cancer that have been currently identified? Somehow, though, the online advice tends to get lumped into breast cancer in general. This means that you really need to know the specifics of YOUR breast cancer. What’s recommended for someone with triple negative breast cancer is different than what we would talk about for DCIS. There is something that you could be doing, no matter what type of breast cancer you have, and that is to start moving. Exercise has been shown to improve how well you respond to treatment and can help reduce risk of breast cancer recurrence. Learn more about Breast Cancer here.

Colon and Rectal Cancer

It would make sense that a cancer that takes place in the colon, where you digest food, could be influenced by diet. Some studies specifically point towards a pescatarian diet as an ideal place to start to reduce risk of colon cancer. You can learn more about the pescatarian diet here.

Childhood Cancers

There are a variety of studies looking at using natural therapies alongside chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery for reducing side effects of treatment. I have helped kids from the age of 1 year to 13 years old make it through their cancer treatments with fewer side effects and improved health. An important piece of support is to make sure that once treatment has completed, your child can resume a healthy childhood. That’s why a lot of our care focuses on proactively reducing long-term side effects.

Lung Cancer

This cancer, often blamed on smoking, is being experienced by smokers and non-smokers alike. Some therapies that are being investigated for supporting this tumor type include broccoli extracts, berry extracts, and curcuminoids. There are exciting and promising discoveries being made to help improve survival and overall health. Learn more about Lung Cancer here.


Of all the cancers, this is the one that is increasing in exponential numbers. Why? The current research is pointing towards environmental toxins as the most likely cause of this startling increase. One important place to get started in addressing lymphoma is to detox your home. Check out our resources to get started detoxing your bathroom, kitchen, backyard, and bedroom. Thankfully, natural therapies like IV vitamin C, berry extracts, and mistletoe are also being explored as additional therapies for lymphoma.


Often lumped in with lymphoma, leukemia is a completely different set of circumstances that deserve a unique natural medicine approach. Some natural therapies, such as vitamin A, have been isolated and used as a medical treatment for leukemia. We also draw from traditional Chinese medicine for ancient wisdom in treating this modern disease.


While melanoma is often linked to sun damage, it’s really a cancer tied directly to the immune system. That’s why emerging therapies such as vaccines and immunotherapies are so effective for these types of cancer. We know of so many natural therapies that can also be effective at stimulating the immune system to fight cancer, such as wheat germ extract, AHCC from mushrooms, and melatonin. There is so much to consider for helping you.

Ovarian Cancer

Many emerging therapies are coming to light when it comes to the treatment of ovarian cancer. Things like mistletoe are being studied at Johns Hopkins to give more insight into using natural therapies in treating ovarian cancer. IV vitamin C has also been studied to improve chemotherapy response in ovarian cancer treatment. There are so many exciting changes and we will continue to keep you updated.

Prostate Cancer

Did you know that research studies have shown that some prostate cancer types can be reversed with diet changes? This study specifically looked at a vegetarian diet for reducing prostate cancer growth. We also like to look at hormone levels, blood sugar metabolism, and exercise as important places to start with treatment. Simple changes could make a huge impact for prostate cancer. Learn more about Prostate Cancer here.

Young Adult Cancer

Close to my heart is anyone affected by young adult cancer. My husband was diagnosed with cancer at age 25, and together we got through treatment and the cancer treatment aftermath. As someone in the young adult cancer community, your health concerns are totally different than someone who is older and going through the same treatments. I totally get it! I’ve had patients get pregnant after chemotherapy, be able to get back to living, and overall feel healthy.

What to Look For

As the cancer library continues to grow, I will be adding information on these types of cancer: Endometrial Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Head and Neck Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Renal Cell Carcinoma, Skin Cancer, Testicular Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, and Uterine Cancer. Don’t see your cancer type listed? Please contact me. I want to know how I can help serve you better.

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