Our nutritional consultations are designed to craft a personal eating plan that supports your nutritional needs, taking your current lifestyle and your daily commitments into account.

During the nutritional consultation, our practitioners compile a detailed snapshot of your lifestyle, eating habits, medical history and any health concerns you want to resolve.

With this information, our practitioners craft nutritional recommendations and suggest a suitable diet custom-tailored to your situation – whether it’s an elimination diet, autoimmune diet, paleo or vegetarian diet among others.

We’ll also help you identify and avoid harmful foods while enjoying an abundance of healthful foods that satisfy both body and mind. Based on specific lab testing, we will also advise you on which nutritional supplements (including vitamins and minerals) may be recommended to restore health faster.

In summary, you will come away from our nutritional consultation with a tailor-made plan of actionable insights and guidance, knowing exactly what you need to do next.

How Do Nutrition Consults Work?

Before your first appointment, we will have you complete an online health questionnaire. This will help our clinicians review your information prior to the meeting, in an effort to maximize the value of your appointment.

Depending on the complexity of your situation, a 90-min consultation is typically sufficient to review your situation, gather additional information and devise an action plan to address your nutritional needs.

Typically, at the end of the consultation you will be given a supplement and nutritional program customized to your specific dietary needs, and a follow-up appointment will need to be arranged. If specific lab tests are indicated to identify possible root causes for your health issues, we will discuss those as well.

Follow-Up Appointments

We recommend that you come for at least one follow-up consultation to review your progress, typically after 45-60 days. Plus, you will have direct message access to your practitioners to get answers to any questions that come up in the meantime.

Oftentimes, our clients like to continue with consultations for as long as they see necessary to accelerate their health restoration. Since diet and nutrition are fairly complex topics, follow-ups are a great time to get more tips on eating healthily e.g. – what to eat when out and about, what to feed the rest of your family, recipe ideas, and ways to manage other areas of your life impacting on your nutritional goals or health.